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Stable Updates subscription

Stable Updates subscription

  • £20.00

Stable updates subscriptions are Rockstor's way of sustaining open source development and maintaining the associated infrastructure. In return we provide a curated release channel configured via an emailed activation code. We cannot reliably deliver to @hotmail,, @live, @gmx, or @orange addresses, please use an alternative email if possible.

Stable updates:

  1. Curated releases of the Rockstor package.
  2. Non developer orientated - our Testing channel is for developers.
  3. Pretested by core developers and the community.
  4. Lower risk of regressions than our Testing Channel
  5. Intended as a monthly release, Testing is closer to weekly or when broken.
  6. Highest Bug fix priority.

If you arrived here from Rockstor's 'Activate' subscription button, or from our Appliance ID manager, the above Appliance UUID should be auto entered. If not clicking Hostname (top left of Rockstor Web-UI) displays that installs Appliance ID.

Rockstor code/documentation contributors qualify for up to 10 personal use activation codes. Please email for any questions/problems.

Thank you for your support. Please consider joining our friendly forum.